Dr. Menis Yousry : “You are not what happened to you”

Dr. Menis Yousry : “You are not what happened to you”

On september 21-23, I participated in a seminar that was facilitated by Menis Yousry, where I discovered things that are really extraordinary. At the end of this seminar, I reached a conclusion: each of us shoud go, at least once, to one of dr Menis Yousry’s courses.

Dr. Menis Yousry, a professional, dedicated more than 30 years of his life to studying human psychology, and he’s currently helping people to acceess their memories and emotions. All this baggage from the past is sabotaging the person that is carrying it and this is why awareness, integrating and healing these experiences is very important.

In this seminar, there were a lot of challenging but beautiful and complex exercises, games and questions that were meant to bring us closer to the things we’re hiding very well.
During our childhood we learn how to love, to feel compassion towards people around us, even before learning how to talk, which is why our feelings are very important. If we live negative experiences that impact our souls during our childhood, we will be caring these experiences with us for years to come.

I appreciated the technique and softness that dr. Menis Yousry uses to get closer to the wounded souls of the participants, when they are coming in front of the group and find the courage to open up and talk about the past. The ones who are able to do that will go to the next stage of their life: healing.

No matter how simple this may seem, opening up in front of the group is not easy at all, especially if people went through difficult experiences in the past. Dr Menis Yousry encourages people to be aware and, with compassion, he is telling everyone in front of him : “You are not what happened to you!”. This healing sentence helps the person to open up, because many times people identify themselves with the negative experience they went through and they feel guilty.

And I’ll tell you something else I learned in this course. Did you know that a person’s attention span is 7 minutes? After 7 minutes, you’ll stop listening to the person talking to you and start listening to yourself. This is only a little detail that Dr. Menis Yousry shared with us.
If you really want to heal past experiences or discover things inside of you that you never thought about, go to this seminar. In more than 30 years of life I went to many courses and seminars, but I never encountered anyone else as professional and profound as Dr. Menis Yousry.

I wish you to be healthy in mind, body and soul!

Author: Magda Campeanu

Original article is published on www.frumusete-fara-limite.ro

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