Valuing Ourselves

Valuing Ourselves

Feeling-ourselvesThe theme of the Foundation Course in London this weekend was valuing ourselves enough to take care of ourselves. Together we explored how we feel when our parents aren’t there anymore, feeling alone, how allowing ourselves time to grieve and move can be a difficult process. Can we allow ourselves to be held and loved feeling that we deserve this? What’s happening in the outside world was certainly reflected inside the course room. These were among the many insights learned and shared on this course.

“Life changing. It made me reflect on my relationship with myself and the relationship I have with all my loved ones. Every experience I’ve had has informed my beliefs and values and helped me learn to allow myself to embrace this. This course truly helps you realise your dreams and purpose in life.”
Emma Beaumont

“Coming from a traumatic background and suffering from PTSD I found the course incredibly effective in making me aware of my triggers but more importantly providing a very safe space for me to address and heal these traumas. I can’t recommend this course enough or the transformation it has had in my life and the lives of the ones I love”. Caroline O’Casey

“I attended the Foundation course with a pessimistic view of personal development and quite a negative view of the outside world. After attending the course it has empowered me to live my life to the full without any of the baggage that once held me back.”
David Decosta

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