The search for love

The lack of love and the consequences this has upon our lives is an issue in child development, which has been explored and researched in psychology for many years. The best-known research concerns attachment theories, which explore the relationship between mother and child. The search for love is the most fundamental need that humans possess.

I need to emphasize here that love has an effect on our brain function and how we manage in the world because the brain is the link between the world of relationships and us. Whenever I mention painful early experiences, I am really talking about the deprivation of love. Early painful experiences become the foundation from which all other experiences derive, and they attract more reminders and require more effort in our search for consolidation and resolution of them. These are all the experiences that we haven’t understood and they produce so much fear that they can affect everything we do throughout our lifespan. This particularly applies if the mother has not stimulated a child and has not transferred security to him or her, thus enabling the child to cope with the ever-changing energy of his or her environments.

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