Public Talk | Hungary, Budapest | 1st November 2016

Dr Menis Yousry will introduce a new set of leadership skills to take the current concept of leadership to a new landscape of possibilities. He will use the latest discoveries in brain studies to turn understanding of leadership on its head, looking at how the most effective leadership requires the emotional specialised right brain rather than cognitive specialised left brain.

He will introduce new information on training leaders to lead by connecting with their teams. This connection significantly increases creativity and innovation, encourages the development of leadership skills in others and creates a future fit for generations to come.

This talk will show you:

-how to develop your emotional skills and interaction with others

-how to manage and communicate in the social environment

-how to create a sense of safety and emotional connection

-how to contain a team’s negative state when facing stressful situations or in moments of critical decision-making

These are all qualities of the right brain.

Dr Menis Yousry will introduce a groundbreaking set of insights to utilise the right brain to connect, interact, and create trust and empathy.