Public Talk | Hungary, Budapest | 1 February 2016

 We make choices every minute of our lives. Some of them we make consciously, others not so much. Often we feel challenged to do things because of others, because we “have to” or “we should.” Because we wonder “what might they say?” and “what might they think?” We often decide not to choose, thinking that this will save us from the discomfort of making a choice and paying the price for it. But when we do not choose, we are actually still choosing someone else’s choice and this often leads to frustration because it doesn’t meet our needs and desires either.
So what kind of process do we go through when we’re making a choice?

What is the connection between our choices and our hidden memories? Our hidden memories can lead us to impossible situations that require painful choices.

How can we be more conscious in this process?

In this talk Dr Menis Yousry will show you:

The power of conscious choice
How to deal with choices we made in the past and we still judge ourselves for
How to manage choices
How to be free from making painful choices

This talk gives us a new perspective so that we can have the confidence and strength to take responsibility for our lives.