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Dr. Menis Yousry : “You are not what happened to you”

On september 21-23, I participated in a seminar that was facilitated by Menis Yousry, where I discovered things that are really extraordinary. At the end of this seminar, I reached a conclusion: each of us shoud go, at least once, to one of dr Menis Yousry’s courses.

The search for love is the most fundamental need of human beings

Even before we are born and as children our experience of the world and of our parents shapes us in ways that we don’t even realise. In our early lives our brains were not sufficiently developed to understand our experiences, and so they were recorded and retained in our subconscious mind. Today, as adults, our reactions to different life situations are driven by these past memories. They have become our automatic protection. If we can’t see them, if we are unaware of them, they can prevent us from achieving our greatest goals and dreams.

The most important things our mothers teach us

Right after we are born, we learn the most important thing from our mother. It is something that helps us survive and makes sense of our whole life: how to attach to, and connect with others. This process is partly unconscious, but it has a huge effect on our relationships and on every single human connection we have throughout our lives.


Psychologist and family therapist Dr Menis Yousry facilitated a powerful course focused on understanding our relationships better. After some difficult times I went on this three day course with my husband. It was an incredible journey.

“Happiness is a choice”

Despite our doubts, most of us want to be in a relationship and we want to be loved. But when we get close to others we get into conflicts. What if we can grow together with someone?

Ten Lessons to Find Love Again

Dr Menis Yousry reveals the 10 secrets of happy relationships which include: authenticity, no expectations, safety, acceptance, respect, freedom, responsibility, balance and happiness.

How to Have Real Happiness in Love

If you want to have a happy relationship, you first must become a happy person. Happy people radiate positive, warm energy and bring a sense of safety to everyone who is with them.

The Secret of Love

As society becomes more developed, more and more people feel lonely and isolated. Love is in danger of being forgotten because of work and our daily worries. Dr Menis Yousry talks about the secrets of how to keep love and relationships long lasting.

Discover Your Hidden Memories

Dr Menis Yousry is a family psychotherapist and psychologist who travels around the world working with thousands of people. He is the founder of the Essence Process. He’s also a compelling story teller with a great sense of humour and author of the book Discover Your Hidden Memory and Find the Real You.

Interview with Dr Menis Yousry

Is religion and consciousness similar in different countries? Can it be the root of our challenges in the way we interact if we think we are different from others?