Success requires effort

Success requires effort

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First of all we need to understand – what is success?

It is one word – it is results. That`s all. If you achieve results, you succeed. It`s very simple.

How did I succeed? Here is a little story to make things easier to explain.

I was doing a seminar in Romania and there was a woman who came to a talk. And she said to me “Tell me how did you succeed? How did you become rich? How did you do this?” and I made a joke of it. I said “If you do the seminar, I will tell you!”

So she traveled a long way, she came to the seminar and she did the seminar, and she’s waiting of course, to ask something. On the last day she put her hand up and said “You promised to tell me – how did you succeed?”

There were about 200 people in the room and I stopped for a moment and I suddenly realized how I succeeded – because of her and her question. I told everybody “because nobody gave me anything.” I looked at the room and the room was quiet for a full five minutes. Everybody was in shock, including me. Then I realized that the secret to my success is that nobody gave me anything.
I learned how to give it to myself. It doesn’t mean I didn’t receive support. But there’s a mindset I now have, that I can actually create anything, and I don’t have to rely on anyone.

I want to make it clear, because I support people to learn how to receive support. This is different. I think success requires effort and while everybody is sleeping at night I’m awake. When you look at someone rich and successful may be you think “Oh my God they have all this! They should give me some!” or “Why I am not like that?”
But we don’t know what happened to these people. Maybe they had sleepless nights, maybe they worked all night, maybe they worked 24 hours a day.

When you watch an actor on television who expresses a feeling that really impresses you or speaks very naturally and grabs you, you don’t realise what this actor had to go through to get there and be able to do that.

And a metaphor to use is every shot in a film, each minute can take a whole day, but we only see the final product.

So basically, success requires effort.

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