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Dr Menis Yousry: „Tu nu ești ceea ce ți s-a întâmplat”
We are fighting against a reality that’s of our own creation
Experiencing courses with Dr. Menis Yousry
“All our limitations are emotional. Trying to change this using our intellect does not work”
“Happiness is a choice”
Essence, A Way of Looking At Life Differently
The ideas we have about ourselves come from our experiences
Ten Lessons to Find Love Again
How to Have Real Happiness in Love
The Secret to Finding Love Again
Finding Love Again and the Secrets of Having a Long Lasting Relationship
The Secret of Love
Secrets for Achieving Happiness From the world-famous psychologist Dr Menis Yousry
“Changing the world begins with changing yourself”
“Let’s step outside the shadows of the past”
Discover Your Hidden Memories
“Why do we complain? Why do we drive flashy cars?”
“I know who I am, therefore I am”
Beyond Our Comfort Zone
Interview with Dr Menis Yousry