Public Talk | Spain, Huelva | 9 February 2017

Essence Spain and the University of Humanistic Studies in Huelva, are honored to present this interesting and practical public talk with Dr. Menis Yousry. Dr Yousry is a recognized family and systemic psychotherapist, educator, an accomplished international speaker, author and facilitator. It is our desire to reach the community and this collaboration with the University of Huelva is a great step forward.

This conference will awaken your senses and make you think about the details of your life that can produce unnecessary stress or, indeed, block you from having the success you want. We live in very exciting times with great scientific progress, and we know now that our brain can be divided into two parts; the cognitive left brain and the right emotional brain. The latter specializes in creating self-awareness and giving us security. It is the dominant part when it comes to regulating our emotions in order to deal, with stress in our social environment.

How to manage our emotions, communicate in the social environment and having the ability to provide security and emotional connection, are all very important skills to be personally and professionally successful today.

By attending and experience Dr Yousry´s courses you can increase your confidence, have a more positive communication with your family, friends and co-workers. Your energy and concentration will increase exponentially, which will help you reach your full potential as a human being.

The talk held at the university of Huelva, is an enjoyable apéritif to the work developed by Dr Menis in his courses.