Foundation Therapeutic Process | Sofia 2018

Foundation Therapeutic Process | Sofia 2018

A few shots from the autumn’s peak of the Essence’s wave in Sofia – a Foundation course followed by a talk open to the public by Dr Menis Yousry on Work, Vocation and Meaning.

We are very grateful to all participants and assistants for the incredible experience, the support and the vision that we shared together these last few days.

During the lecture Dr Menis Yousry underlined the importance of the values by which we live our lives and how they are connected to the jobs we choose, our vocation in life and our search for meaning.

When we live attuned to our values, we experience purpose and satisfaction. Suffering and conflict come when we follow someone else’s values or we try to convince others that our values are the ‘right’ ones.

He asked the audience ‘what is truly important for you at this stage of your life and who is supporting you to live it? If you haven’t recently told the people who support you that you love them and value them, don’t wait for too long!’

Coming soon in Sofia – The Art of Relationships, a therapeutic training for couples and people wanting to explore the area of relationships deeply

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