Foundation Course | 16 -18 June | London, UK

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This course is an opportunity to spend three intense, uplifting days dedicated to boosting your happiness, personal fulfilment and the quality of your relationships. On this uniquely experiential course you’ll be able to release unnecessary stress by learning how to identify your personal template which influences how you react to the situations in your life. Your personal template is a kind of programming that was formed very early in life, the things we learned when we were children to cope with the world.

Until we explore the origin of these emotional triggers, they can remain a mystery, pulling the strings without our full knowledge or understanding. Some of these things can block us from getting what we really want. And that goes for the people in our lives too and the way we understand who they are and why they behave as they do.

Our course will help you switch this light on using our gentle, interactive exercises. Life will never be the same again! And not only will the course help reveal what’s hidden, it also offers you alternative, new experiences as an effective tool for reshaping the internal state of mind to create new possibilities and the best chance of having healthy, safe relationships and success in your chosen field