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The Essence Process was founded in 2003 in Britain by Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, Psychologist and HayHouse author Dr Menis Yousry. He delivers his therapeutic courses in relationships and inspired living around the world. Learn more about Dr Menis Yousry here

Our first interactions and early connections with the people closest to us have shaped our brains for life and formed an internal relational unconscious. Dr Yousry’s therapeutic process attunes the internal working models that operate within our relationships and all emotional and social connections to restore safety in order to establish a stable sense of self and the ability to manage successful relationships.

Foundation Therapeutic Process
‘Our Relationship with our parents is our Relationship with life.’

29th – 31st March 2019
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In this three day course Dr Yousry will explore ways to experience successful relationships from two dimensions. One is the unconscious emotional level and the other the operational, cognitive, visible level.

We deal with the deep past: misperceived experiences, emotions and feelings that have sabotaged and blocked us from being able to achieve stable, loving relationships (whether that applies to relationships within the family, romantic partners, friends or work colleagues). This part of the work deals with the unconscious mind and the internalised template we use in our daily lives, of which we’re often partially, or even completely unaware.

The course also works with our acquired knowledge by provoking reflection, and developing skills and deeper awarenesses, some of which are innate, but need to be awakened. Participants look deeply at the following questions:

Who are we in our relationships?
Why do we want them?
How do we relate to ourselves?
How can we make relationships work better?

Many people find it difficult to form meaningful relationships and manage their emotions. The feeling of not being worthy of being loved is deep inside many of us. All this is the result of hidden memories, inaccessible to conscious reflection and understanding. Dr Yousry explores early experiences and reveals the ways in which our brains and minds distort our current lives because of the associations we made as a result of our early experiences. The Essence Process shows us that our struggles in relationships are only symptoms of the associations we made because of our hidden memories, not because we are unable to form healthy relationships. This awareness can open the door to greater compassion for ourselves, openness to others, and the possibility to heal.

Dr Yousry will offer tools to support learning, healing and being with others in a joyful and fulfilling way. It is a therapeutic journey through all the areas, struggles and behavior patterns that block our success.

The Essence Process experience is conducted in a gentle and respectful way and specialises in offering experiential learning. That is because learning through experience allows our unconscious beliefs to emerge into consciousness. This makes visible to us the layers of our unconscious human survival response protections in order to heal difficult and unresolved experiences from the past and open up greater awareness and new choices.

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