Essence Process in Austria

The Essence Process has previously conducted courses in Vienna but there are none scheduled for Austria at the moment. However, we hope to conduct courses in Austria in the future. If you wish to attend a one of the courses in the meantime, we suggest that you travel to Budapest, Hungary. All courses are delivered in English with translation to the local language.

For courses in Hungary please contact: Ildikó Horváth
Tel: +36 30 724 2503

If you are interested in receiving information and materials about Dr Yousry’s work please join the Austria facebook page and Dr Yousry’s facebook pages below:

Dr Menis Yousry, the founder and facilitator of the Essence Foundation, was born and grew up in Cairo, settling in London in 1974. A Family & Systemic Psychotherapist and Psychologist, he has worked with tens of thousands of people worldwide, designing and facilitating highly practical, experiential self-development courses. Dr Yousry left his post as a senior Family Therapist with the NHS in order to focus completely on bringing his work to a wider audience through the Essence Process