Dr Yousry’s Interpersonal Therapeutic Process
DR Menis Yoursy
Healing the deepest aspects of the human consciousness
Our first interactions and early connections with the closest people to us shaped our brains for life and formed an internal relational unconscious.
Dr Yousry's relational therapeutic process attunes the internal working models that operate within relationships and all emotional and social connections to restore safety in order to establish a stable sense of self and manage successful relationships.

Dr Yousry has worked as a therapist for over 20 years with people all over the world. He uses unique cutting edge skills developed from his practice in psychology, the most recent studies on memory and his own research into human consciousness. He engages with participants on his courses in a unique way, creating a strong connection with them that goes beyond verbal interpretation and into the deep emotional areas of the unconscious mind to uncover and release the memories that influence all our actions and behaviours.

Dr Yousry is a family therapist and educator, an accomplished international speaker, author and facilitator. He has a BSc Psychology degree, a Diploma in the Theory of Family and Couple Therapy, an MSc in Family Therapy, an Advanced Degree in Supervision in Family Therapy and a Doctorate degree in Family Psychotherapy. He worked as a Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, Psychologist and a Senior Family Therapist in the National Health Service in the UK for 15 years. During that time he trained and supervised therapists and gave talks and lectures in Family Therapy. He also founded the first specialised Family Service in the UK’s National Health Service.

His long clinical career and research in therapeutic practice led him to explore therapeutic ideas that are focused more on the connections between people. He developed his work on the idea that human beings are not just individual thinkers, we are social beings and we grow within our relationships. We are part of a larger organism made up of communities, families and culture. From the moment we are born the human consciousness is influenced and regulated by our lived emotional experiences and interactions with others much more than by technology, therapeutic ideas and theories.

Using the Essence Process approach Dr Yousry works with people in an extraordinarily powerful interpersonal group context that supports them to transform through deep emotional interactions with others. His experiential approach enables people to regulate and manage their emotions in order for their intellectual cognitive tools to be more effective and successful in their day-to-day lives.

The Essence Process stretches the mind beyond imagination to a new awareness leaving participants with the ability to find peace and harmony from the inside out. It is a simple and self-revealing approach, conducted in a gentle and insightful way to support people to change their perception of the world and of life itself.

His second book  ‘Discover Your Hidden Memories and Find The Real You’ is published by the world’s leading mind, body and spirit publishers, Hay House, in 8 different languages. It builds on his work in neurobiology, psychology, systemic therapy and human behaviour.

More than 3 million people have been exposed to Dr Yousry’s work through his public talks, interviews, published books, newspaper articles and conferences. He travels constantly, working directly with thousands of people in 26 different locations all over the world.

Dr Menis Yousry is one of the few really effective therapists I have worked in the last 30 years. His success comes from three sources, his manner of being with people, his academic credentials and his understanding of the human condition.
Sam Westmacott,
Chartered Psychologist
Dr Yousry's patience and compassion creates a loving and safe space for everyone in the group to share, grow and transform.
Muriel Guennou