Essence Relationship Therapeutic Process

Many people who fail to maintain healthy relationships often suffered a unique psychological past, and are repeatedly experiencing themselves as hurt and incapable of finding and maintaining a healthy natural relationship.  Over the years they have become cynical, isolated, and frightened of relationships. They do not realise that they are related to others through unconscious, reactive responses that will actually sabotage all relationships. In the process of discovering these reactions they have within their relationships they can begin to experience a new understanding of the self that allows a new view of the world to emerge, leading to psychological shifts that will enrich the quality of their relationships. The Relationships course facilitates psychological, biological change that allows healthy way of relating to others to emerge.


I broke my limitations and I left with my heart opened. I thank ESSENCE and Menis for making this possible for me.
Christina Ventzislavova Ivanovaes
It's like a burden had been lifted and the effects aren't just temporary.
Priya Mehta
Relationship Course Dates