Can you say ‘yes’ to your past?

Can you say ‘yes’ to your past?

Feeling-ourselvesCan you say ‘yes’ to your past? It’s only then that you can really be free. But how can we manage to say YES fully and be at peace?

‘Feeling ourselves is the way to cure the past

We need to develop the ability to explore, uncover, expose and observe all the hidden dynamics within ourselves, our families and our cultures in order to reveal our internal model of reality and how it makes us perceive the world in the way we do. Understanding ourselves is the cure. If we don’t we will gravitate towards re-creating the same situations we experienced in the past and we will fail, repeatedly, in our attempts to create the opposite of the past.

Real freedom comes from within us and is not dependent on others. We can be set free from seeing ourselves as being merely a product of our past if we allow ourselves to feel the past, rather than just talking about being free from it. People who are forever talking about seeking freedom are often trapped in the prison of their un-felt past and are trying to escape it through describing it and forming conclusions about something that actually no longer exists.’

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