We live in exciting times. We now have technology that shows us how our brains actually function. What that tells us is that we actually have two brains, a cognitive specialised left-brain, and an emotional specialised right-brain. The right brain specialises in generating self-awareness and safety. It is dominant when it comes to the regulation of our emotions in order for us to cope actively or passively with stress in our social environment. The right brain is the core of the self-organisation of the human brain as it develops in the context of relationships. The beginning of life sets the stage for every aspect of our internal and external functioning for our whole life, including our leadership style. Now we have evidence that the right brain develops very early in life, before the left brain, and it is shaped by emotional communication with our early attachment figures, such as our parents.

Leadership depends heavily on communication and interactions with others. A modern leader needs to manage and communicate in the social environment as well as having the ability to provide safety and emotional connection. These are all qualities of the right brain, not the left brain.

The leader’s ability to regulate his/her own emotions, particularly difficult, negative ones allows him/her to contain a team’s negative state when facing stressful situations or in critical decision-making. A good leader will be in a position to provide a safe secure base from within to handle any situation at work and to be able to provide this for others.

This course will reveal that effective leadership needs to make a shift from left-brain communication to right brain communication and not focus so much on learning how to lead using cognitive methods. More emphasis is necessary on right brain qualities because they are critical for human connection and interaction, like trust and empathy. This way the leader will develop the capacity for being responsive in a way that creates the safety to handle any situation in the social environment within himself/herself first in order that they can then provide this to others.

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The combination of Dr Menis Yousry's expertise and the structure of the course can create miraculous change in people. I have seen it happen over and over again!
Steve Nobel
Essence seminars gave me understanding, confidence and balance.
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