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Foundation Therapeutic Process | Sofia 2018

A few shots from the autumn’s peak of the Essence’s wave in Sofia – a Foundation course followed by a talk open to the public by Dr Menis Yousry on Work, Vocation and Meaning.

We are very grateful to all participants and assistants for the incredible experience, the support and the vision that we shared together these last few days.

During the lecture Dr Menis Yousry underlined the importance of the values by which we live our lives and how they are connected to the jobs we choose, our vocation in life and our search for meaning.

When we live attuned to our values, we experience purpose and satisfaction. Suffering and conflict come when we follow someone else’s values or we try to convince others that our values are the ‘right’ ones.

He asked the audience ‘what is truly important for you at this stage of your life and who is supporting you to live it? If you haven’t recently told the people who support you that you love them and value them, don’t wait for too long!’

Coming soon in Sofia – The Art of Relationships, a therapeutic training for couples and people wanting to explore the area of relationships deeply

Do we allow ourselves to receive support?

The biggest seminar in Varna for the year – Foundation course!
Thank you friends – for your support and trust, for your care and the very special attitude, that was tangible even in the small things 🙂

the topics in the seminar there was one about a tendency that many of us have – to self-analyze like hell and not being able to ask and receive support.

Giving support is one of the biggest gifts of connection that we exchange as human beings.
But often we refuse that present to our close ones by pretending to be strong and positive, and we carry everything alone. The most difficult thing is to ask, because we are exposed in our need and vulnerability. It is difficult also to allow ourselves to receive. Because we think we don’t deserve.

During this new week we encourage you to try something different – challenge yourself and ask for support!
Allow yourself to receive kindness and share this amazing feeling with someone you care about 🙂

Have a successful new week and join us for the next coming Essence event in Sofia!

Advance Therapeutic Process | Cluj 2018

In the week that has just ended, a new Essence Advance story has been written. A wonderful story, in which the protagonists were the 38 essences, guided with much love by Dr. Menis Yousry and the assistant team, opened their souls and their hearts and found the joy life.

Those wonderful people who formed the assistant team met many times and prepared long time before we started the course so we can support these wonderful people and we thank them for their effort

When we open our heart, wonderful things happens!

Dr. Menis Yousry : “You are not what happened to you”

On september 21-23, I participated in a seminar that was facilitated by Menis Yousry, where I discovered things that are really extraordinary. At the end of this seminar, I reached a conclusion: each of us shoud go, at least once, to one of dr Menis Yousry’s courses.

Dr. Menis Yousry, a professional, dedicated more than 30 years of his life to studying human psychology, and he’s currently helping people to acceess their memories and emotions. All this baggage from the past is sabotaging the person that is carrying it and this is why awareness, integrating and healing these experiences is very important.

In this seminar, there were a lot of challenging but beautiful and complex exercises, games and questions that were meant to bring us closer to the things we’re hiding very well.
During our childhood we learn how to love, to feel compassion towards people around us, even before learning how to talk, which is why our feelings are very important. If we live negative experiences that impact our souls during our childhood, we will be caring these experiences with us for years to come.

I appreciated the technique and softness that dr. Menis Yousry uses to get closer to the wounded souls of the participants, when they are coming in front of the group and find the courage to open up and talk about the past. The ones who are able to do that will go to the next stage of their life: healing.

No matter how simple this may seem, opening up in front of the group is not easy at all, especially if people went through difficult experiences in the past. Dr Menis Yousry encourages people to be aware and, with compassion, he is telling everyone in front of him : “You are not what happened to you!”. This healing sentence helps the person to open up, because many times people identify themselves with the negative experience they went through and they feel guilty.

And I’ll tell you something else I learned in this course. Did you know that a person’s attention span is 7 minutes? After 7 minutes, you’ll stop listening to the person talking to you and start listening to yourself. This is only a little detail that Dr. Menis Yousry shared with us.
If you really want to heal past experiences or discover things inside of you that you never thought about, go to this seminar. In more than 30 years of life I went to many courses and seminars, but I never encountered anyone else as professional and profound as Dr. Menis Yousry.

I wish you to be healthy in mind, body and soul!

Author: Magda Campeanu

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Foundation Therapeutic Process | Bucharest 2018

The Essence Foundation Process is a safe place that allows you to be yourself. It is a door that is opening for you and is letting you to you to experience all your emotions and feelings with no boundaries.

You are embraced with love and kindness at no cost, you can talk about yourself without limits and fears, and at the end you are reconnecting with who you really are.

This Universe called Essence is going with you in every day of your life, giving you power and strength to move on!

This was what happened in the last three days in Bucharest with 150 participants at the Foundation seminar.

The search for love

The lack of love and the consequences this has upon our lives is an issue in child development, which has been explored and researched in psychology for many years. The best-known research concerns attachment theories, which explore the relationship between mother and child. The search for love is the most fundamental need that humans possess.

I need to emphasize here that love has an effect on our brain function and how we manage in the world because the brain is the link between the world of relationships and us. Whenever I mention painful early experiences, I am really talking about the deprivation of love. Early painful experiences become the foundation from which all other experiences derive, and they attract more reminders and require more effort in our search for consolidation and resolution of them. These are all the experiences that we haven’t understood and they produce so much fear that they can affect everything we do throughout our lifespan. This particularly applies if the mother has not stimulated a child and has not transferred security to him or her, thus enabling the child to cope with the ever-changing energy of his or her environments.

Dr Menis Yousry Tv interview

If I have sense of who I`m, by being in my self, nobody will dis-regulate me.

The children that learned from their parrents, to have sence of them selfs, because the parents told them, how to be who they are
No matter what is hapenening, in any situation that arise in their life, they will know waht to do at the time.

The real leader is complete. Anything can fall apart, but he is still there.

The Art of Relationships in Portugal

In this intensive weekend between 20 and 22 July with 40 participants, most of them – professionals working directly with people.
We learned how to be free and connected at the same time;
how to express and defend our values ​​and interests without shame and guilt;
how to respect those of our partners and colleagues;
how family and cultural traditions and patterns affect our partner relationships;
how to find a way to harmony in inside and outside.

Laughter, tears, sharing, uniting.

The group is already asking about the next course!

What participants share:

“The course was very important on a personal level because it has led me to a greater knowledge of myself, my defenses and some ways in which I can deal with it, and the way I have to do it. On a professional level it gave me a different perspective on the process of people in relationships as well as tools to help them”

“This seminar was useful to help me feel, more than think. To relativize the of the meaning that I attribute to things. It helped me to identify patterns that I have in different personal and professional relationships”

“The seminar has helped me realize many things in my life about the person I am and who I am prepared to be. If I can see better as a person, I’m sure to be a better teacher. All my future students deserve the best of me!”

“It was very important. New discoveries, new reconciliations, a few more confusions, but everything is getting closer and closer to alignment. Menis has a gift, knowledge, wisdom, experience and sensitivity. A pleasure to have him once again”

“It allowed me to see things I had not seen before or had not seen them this way. It enabled me to work even more in search of inner peace. It allowed me to put things in me in harmony. Because I’m working with other people, is very important to be in peace with myself, to be in peace with other people with whom I work and with whom I live.”


There was an explosion of happiness and energy at Essence Process Vietnam! The first Essence Process Foundation course in Hanoi ended in an atmosphere of general euphoria, participants and assistants experienced emotional moments, leaving memories that’ll last forever.

A major theme of this course was how Western ideas about personal development have appeared in the East, and how philosophies of life in the East challenge Western individuality.

But the work doesn’t end here, the seminars held by Dr Menis Yousry will continue in Vietnam with the Essence Process Foundation course in Saigon, then a return to Hanoi for the Essence Process Advance course.

Valuing Ourselves

Feeling-ourselvesThe theme of the Foundation Course in London this weekend was valuing ourselves enough to take care of ourselves. Together we explored how we feel when our parents aren’t there anymore, feeling alone, how allowing ourselves time to grieve and move can be a difficult process. Can we allow ourselves to be held and loved feeling that we deserve this? What’s happening in the outside world was certainly reflected inside the course room. These were among the many insights learned and shared on this course.

“Life changing. It made me reflect on my relationship with myself and the relationship I have with all my loved ones. Every experience I’ve had has informed my beliefs and values and helped me learn to allow myself to embrace this. This course truly helps you realise your dreams and purpose in life.”
Emma Beaumont

“Coming from a traumatic background and suffering from PTSD I found the course incredibly effective in making me aware of my triggers but more importantly providing a very safe space for me to address and heal these traumas. I can’t recommend this course enough or the transformation it has had in my life and the lives of the ones I love”. Caroline O’Casey

“I attended the Foundation course with a pessimistic view of personal development and quite a negative view of the outside world. After attending the course it has empowered me to live my life to the full without any of the baggage that once held me back.”
David Decosta