The Art of Relationships in Portugal

The Art of Relationships in Portugal

In this intensive weekend between 20 and 22 July with 40 participants, most of them – professionals working directly with people.
We learned how to be free and connected at the same time;
how to express and defend our values ​​and interests without shame and guilt;
how to respect those of our partners and colleagues;
how family and cultural traditions and patterns affect our partner relationships;
how to find a way to harmony in inside and outside.

Laughter, tears, sharing, uniting.

The group is already asking about the next course!

What participants share:

“The course was very important on a personal level because it has led me to a greater knowledge of myself, my defenses and some ways in which I can deal with it, and the way I have to do it. On a professional level it gave me a different perspective on the process of people in relationships as well as tools to help them”

“This seminar was useful to help me feel, more than think. To relativize the of the meaning that I attribute to things. It helped me to identify patterns that I have in different personal and professional relationships”

“The seminar has helped me realize many things in my life about the person I am and who I am prepared to be. If I can see better as a person, I’m sure to be a better teacher. All my future students deserve the best of me!”

“It was very important. New discoveries, new reconciliations, a few more confusions, but everything is getting closer and closer to alignment. Menis has a gift, knowledge, wisdom, experience and sensitivity. A pleasure to have him once again”

“It allowed me to see things I had not seen before or had not seen them this way. It enabled me to work even more in search of inner peace. It allowed me to put things in me in harmony. Because I’m working with other people, is very important to be in peace with myself, to be in peace with other people with whom I work and with whom I live.”

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