Dr Yousry on relationships and the brain

Dr Yousry on relationships and the brain

The human brain develops and functions through its relationship with other human beings. When we are very young, our development depended on the quality of our relationship with the people who took care of us. We grow and develop through relationships. Our brain is social, and it cannot function alone. We are built to connect with others.

According to the ways we have been able to grow and develop, each of us has an internal working model which we use to connect with people in our lives.
We may ask ourselves who am I? Do I deserve to be loved, touched, and to be treated with kindness and respect? The way we answer these and other questions depend on this internal model that we have unconsciously constructed for ourselves on how to connect with people.

How do we feel about other people? Do we feel comfortable and safe or are they threatening figures that connect us with former feelings of rejection, pain and abandonment?
According to these models built in our early years, we then create and destroy, admit yet do not allow, attract and yet repel all other future relationships in our lives.

But, there is hope, and everything can be fixed.

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