Dr Menis Yousry

The Essence Process provides cutting edge, experiential personal development courses. It was founded in the UK in 2003 by Family and Systemic Psychotherapist and Psychologist Dr Menis Yousry. He has facilitated over 1,500 events in more than 40 locations worldwide. His courses allow people to re-examine their internal unconscious map of the world that was formed early in life and transform the influences it has on their current experiences and relationships.
Dr Yousry skilfully combines therapeutic, biological and psychological approaches inspiring participants to gain deep insights into how to feel, understand and manage their emotions. He offers alternative, new experiences as an effective tool for creating new possibilities and the best chances to feel safe and enjoy healthy relationships. More...

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The combination of Dr Menis Yousry's expertise and the structure of the course can create miraculous change in people. I have seen it happen over and over again!
Steve Nobel,
Co-Director of Alternatives
Connecting in such an honest way with yourself and others is an incredibly powerful, productive experience. I am still reaping the benefits years later.
Naomi Fowler,
Global Radio Producer